Sunday, 25 April 2010

Parallel universes

There was a period when the idea of parallel universes, existing on different time planes was a popular concent in Science Fiction. You know the kind of thing; mad scientist invents workhole which allows jumping to another dimension. Same world but different evolutionary outcome. The whole notion hits the "barely plausible" button, even with the great Hadron Collider elevating mad-science to new levels.

But parallel universes do seem to exist and it's the internet that is creating them. How do i know? Some random surfing. And checking some of the odd searches that land on my blogs. I've found people drop by while looking for all kinds of odd stuff. Strange life-styles, religions, politics, photography and other writings. There are people out there doing things and leading lives that I didn't even know existed. The internet gives a global voice to the individual and a means of connecting the disparate. parallel layers of connected lives. Right here on Earth, right now.

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